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Collaborating at Work


Welcome to Your Business Expansion

Day to day we experience a continuous accelerating development of global business. Borders are getting easier to cross and distances no longer exist. We know for a fact that all sizes of enterprises are able to join the global business trend and more important: the global business possibilities. You have a huge untapped potential to grow beyond your current geographical borders.

Introducing products and/or services in other regions of the world requires determination, commitment, strategy and local knowledge of culture (local business morale).

Therefore, Your Business Expansion has developed a program to partner with companies from outside the Netherlands to enter the Dutch and other European markets.



Our approach is different. As we are based in the target market(s) of your company, we are better positioned to assist in a successful introduction and succesfull growth. There is a second important point where we differentiate ourselves: we help owners of companies in your home country to generate a higher turnover. The money earned stays within the company (with  them) and will not be taken out of the company. We strongly believe this is of higher value to your company.


Our projects are result and more importantly, driven by adding value. Upon request we will write a report, however we have experienced that the best results are achieved with our pragmatic and pro-active project approach. The world is fast changing   and opportunities are there for the take. Therefor we work in short cycles and every step will bring added value to your business.


The products Your Business Expansion has developed will be combined in the best possible way to fit your specific needs and challenges. In this way Your Business Expansion always adapts to the best way forward to bring you the value in your new target market.



Your Business Expansion is a network organization, that deliveres as one.  Your Business Expansion strongly believes in cooperation. Intense cooperation with you, our customer, and also with all relevant parties necessary to expand your business in the new market. We work with industry experts relevant to your business and with partners on several different expertise areas to have the right skills at the table to avoid and overcome challenges.

We strongly believe in: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.


Your Business Expansion

Together we agree on the objective. Together we agree on an agile flow towards that objective ensuring value is created in every step we make. Your Business Expansion is different from most other companies as we are based in the target market, not your home market. We also differ because we believe that investments made in your company should stay in your company. An investor will sooner or later step out and take his profits with him.

If you learn to appreciate our results we hope that we can build a long lasting relationship where value is created as a constant flow towards your organisation -> your business expansion

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