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We have all the needed expertises to fulfill  your International Business ideas and/or to rise your company to the next level.  Below you will find some samples of our expertise.

You’re in the Best Hands


At Your Business Expansion, we assure you that your idea or project for exporting your products into Europe is in the best hands. Our seasoned team of experts will help you every step of the way - from initial planning to execution. We have successfully helpt several companies to export their respective products into the European market.
Contact us today for more information.

Experience Excellence


Your Business Expansion provides substantial tools and solutions for coaching/guiding you and/or your company to comply to the European legislation and to fulfil specific customer certifications. Our Industry experts have pragmatically guided many companies  to achieve the needed certification for exporting to Europe. And not to forget, for several customers we’ve  achieve successful joint ventures with companies in Europe! Schedule an introductory meeting with us today.

You Can Count on Us


Your Business Expansion provides a wide range of benefits to help you to achieve your R&D goals. Our Experts have assisted many companies to adapt their processes and/or products, in order to be ready to enter the European market. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the tools to get you where you want to be. Give us a call and find out how.

Top tier project Guidance


At Your Business Expansion, we have over 25 years of experience of fulfilling various Board member ships. Often (larger) projects require a temporary Advisory (project) Board in order to ensure that deadlines are met within budget. We have successfully lead and/or taken place in advisory and/or project boards. We’ve managed board positions for green field projects, export projects and company transformation boards. Of which the latter brought companies up to speed to company-wide comply to the expectation of the European Market/Customer(s). Contact us today for more information.

Superb Business Netwerk


Your Business Expansion has developed a high quality Business Network in all European industries, this broad knowledge network is there for you to benefit!  Our customers have, with no exception, been able to utilize our network for deploying projects to prepare for exporting to the European markets. Many of our customer successes are actually built on this firm foundation. If you think we can help, schedule an introductory meeting with us today

Local culture knowledge is key


Your Business Expansion is very knowledgeable in local (business) culture within Europe, which is very divers in the various European countries. And even more important; we are able to prepare you to understand the European business culture!
All projects with our customers have had the same way of working: single point of contact, where needed an Industry expert and always project monitoring. That has brought us our successes!
Walk the talk and contact us.

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